Overeasy Pillow Cover Kit


The Overeasy Pillow Cover Kit

Our Overeasy Pillow Cover was inspired by Noro’s cheerfully colored yarns and the need for an easy project to brighten our homes right now. Overeasy is a fun, advanced beginner ski trail on Vail Mountain, our home ski area, and this is a fun, advanced beginner pattern!

This pillow pattern includes two mosaic knitting techniques, a Tuck 4 and a Slip Stitch, both offering a little bit of challenge above simply knitting and purling. This pattern also allows you to easily bring in some bright, happy colors thanks to the self-striping yarn and the mosaic stitches.

We’ve knit a simple garter stitch back, holding two strands of Silk Garden Sock Solo together and using a bigger needle to help the back knit up more quickly. 

Necessary tools, not included:

  • US 6 24-32” circular needle
  • US 10 24-32” circular needle
  • Finishing needle
  • 3 large buttons