Cohana Measuring Tape


We adore these tape measures. The leather is soft and so beautifully stamped and dyed. The tape itself is strong and accurate. The packaging is lovely, perfect for gift giving to your favorite maker or yourself.  Note that these tape measures are in centimeters, not inches: we love them enough to carry them here in the US, knowing that most patterns are written with both inches and centimeters, and knowing 4 inches is approximately 10 cm. 

Measure is 150 cm. Just under 5 feet.

We can't say it better than Cohana themselves: "Yuzen Leather" is leather which has been dyed using a method created by Mr. Takeguchi, a craftsman in Ikuno-ku, Osaka. He applied Japanese traditional Yuzen dyeing to leather. Special dyes bring out the unevenness on the leather surface, so that users can enjoy the unique expressions of each piece of leather.

The tape measures have been created by the company Hara DOKI, which has specialized in the manufacturing and development of measuring tools since its foundation in 1906 in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture. They are made of high quality glass fibers and do not stretch or contract, so that accurate measurement is possible at all times.

The vertical scales are in Cohana's original black and beige two-tone color. The color is calming, and matches well with any interior design, so that it can be your companion for a long time. We have wrapped the accurate and functional tape measure into Yuzen Leather, which you feel wonderful in your hand, and have completed each one by hand-sewing.

※This measure is graduated in centimeters. There are not inch measurements.