Embroidery on Knits with Brena Smith, owner of The Dye Smith


Saturday March 16th, 9-11AM at Maker+Stitch

Join us for an exciting workshop led by Brena Smith, owner of The Dye Smith, to learn about embroidery on knits! This beginner-friendly session will introduce you to the foundational stitches of hand embroidery and demonstrate how to effectively apply them to knit fabrics. You'll also learn how to transfer patterns, explore the use of embroidery hoops, and gain insights into selecting the threads, floss, and needles for your projects.

Drawing inspiration from Judit Gummlich's beautiful book, Embroidery on Knits (you will receive a copy of this book with your class registration), we'll delve into patterns and ideas that lend themselves beautifully to knit fabrics. Additionally, we'll discuss techniques for adapting patterns from various sources to suit knit projects, empowering you to personalize your creations with confidence.

Throughout the workshop, there will be lots of time for questions, discussions, and, of course, joyful stitching! Whether you're a seasoned crafter or new to the world of embroidery, this workshop promises to be an enriching and inspiring experience.

Supply list, not included (supplies, except knitted swatch or your own sweater, will be available for purchase at Maker+Stitch in early March):
5 - 6” embroidery hoop
Embroidery needles (suggested size 5) 

Knitted object to work with

  • Knitted swatch (at least 8”x8”) with fingering or DK using US 2 - 5 needles; a denser fabric is recommended. 


  • Sweater - if you are concerned about working with a hand-knit sweater, try something from your local thrift store!


Supplies provided:

Embroidery on Knits Book
Embroidery thread for practicing (additional spools of embroidery yarn are available for purchase at Maker+Stitch)
Sheet of Fabric Stabilizer


About Brena Smith

Brena is the owner of The Dye Smith, an independent, natural dye company located in Leadville, Colorado. Her love of fiber and textiles started when she was a child, having grown up with a mother who was an avid seamstress. She loves the meditative quality of handwork of any kind and also enjoys introducing people to the practice of hand stitching. She looks forward to stitching with you!

There will be no refunds if you need to cancel your registration. You will still receive your copy of the book if you need to cancel your attendance for any reason. Class will be held at our shop: 56 Edwards Village Boulevard, Edwards, CO. Please contact us with any questions.