Fix Your Knitting Mistakes!


Everyone makes mistakes. It's what you do about them that makes the difference! In this class you will learn how to read your knitting, recover dropped stitches in both stockinette and garter patterns and how to pick up a dropped edge stitch. We'll discuss clean cast-ons and bind-offs. How to fix a mis-crossed cable and so much more. Learning to fix your mistakes really takes your knitting to the next level and will empower you to take on more challenging projects.

Prerequisite: You must be comfortable knitting and purling.

Bring to Class: 100% wool, worsted weight yarn and corresponding needles (US 7 - 9).

Class will be held at Maker+Stitch, 56 Edwards Village Blvd. Unit 109, Edwards, CO. Class will be limited to 3 participants. All Covid protocols will be followed. Masks are required. Please contact Maker+Stitch with any questions.

No refunds will be given for cancellations within 72 hours prior to class.