Mother’s Day Gift Set


For Mother’s Day this year, we’ve made giving to mom easy. We’ve gathered some of our favorite accessories for your favorite maker, which we will lovingly wrap and send anywhere mom is. Don’t forget to add a Maker+Stitch gift card so she can choose a favorite yarn to work with... we’ve added multiple options for that. Bonus... the larger the added gift card, the more you save!

Here’s what this sweet Mother’s Day gift includes:

We’ve just brought in these fun Oh Snap project pouches from Namaste and this gift includes a set of three: one large, one medium, and one small. These mesh bags allow mom to easily see her project, which is especially useful if she has multiple projects going at one time. The snaps provide a snag-free opening while still keeping projects secure. The set also comes with a mini version of the Namaste Dot Journal (for keeping track of rows, pattern notes, etc.). These fun bags will be ideal for travel, cosmetics, spare change, and beach days too! 

Next, mom’s kit includes Cocoknits Split Ring Stitch Markers, which we love because of their clever construction that nestles and stays while she’s working, but is easy to remove and reposition while creating increases, counting rows or repeats, or working cables. The steel construction is sturdy but flexible so the opening can be adjusted to accommodate the size of yarn or collection of stitches being marked. And these are nylon coated steel, so they’re strong, colorful, and magnetic! This pretty little barrel box contains 10 each of 6 colors.

We’ve also included our favorite hand balm, Maker+ Hands Au Natural, a 100% organic, chemical and preservative free moisturizer for hands or anywhere needing a touch of moisture and protection. This will keep makers’ hands soft and crack-free! Ingredients are organic shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax.

Order by May 4th to ensure delivery for Mother’s Day!