Small Project Bag / Knitter's Pouch


Project bags made especially for Maker+Stitch by local maker Curtis McGintus using beautiful fabrics from Jen Hewett, Robert Kaufman and more. The small bags have four pockets around the exterior to hold your notions, needles, measuring tape, etc. These bags are reversible so you can tuck the pockets and notions inside for travel. All bags will stand well on their own; they are sturdy with rectangular bottoms to keep them upright while you are working.

The small pouch is perfect for traveling with your small projects (think hat, socks, cowl, baby sweater) and for knitting at home. Approx 7” diam. X 6” tall.

Each bag is one-of-a-kind and has a sweet darning needle holder inside so you never lose that precious little item!

For travel, tuck everything inside, then when working, leave your yarn in the pouch as a yarn bowl and move your supplies (scissors, tape, measuring tape) to the roomy, accessible exterior pockets to keep them close at hand, visible, organized and easy to grab!