Twig & Horn

Twig and Horn Wraps per Inch Tool


Intuitive design meets a modern aesthetic with Twig & Horn's Wraps Per Inch Tool! It is made with an eco-friendly Fibrex MDF board made with 100% recycled/recovered, FSC certified wood content. Also, there is a tiny notch on the left side bottom so that you can easily catch and wrap yarn. A carefully drilled hole at the top can be used to hang it for storage or attach it to a project tote. And to top it all off, there's an original Twig & Horn sheep graphic—just to show people how serious you are about yarn!

Using a classic method of establishing yarn weight, you can easily identify ‘mystery yarns’ in your stash without the stress of hunting down original labels.

Product Details:

  • Size: 1.75” x 5”
  • Made in the USA

Here are two (easy) ways to use the Wraps Per Inch Tool:

From the Top: Visually identify yarn weight by laying it across the horizontal grooves and matching the width of the groove to the width of a single strand of yarn.

To the Bottom: Use the lower portion as a traditional wraps per inch tool. Insert the end of the yarn into the left-hand notch to help keep it in place, then wrap carefully horizontally, making sure each wrap is placed next to the previous one, and the yarn is not pulled too tight. The number of wraps that fit within the marked 1” area translates to the numbers on the upper part of the tool (WPI- wraps per inch)