Homemade Pizza But Better


Homemade Pizza but Better by Jukka Salminen is the go-to guide for every pizza-lover. In his first book, Jukka shows you how to create the ultimate pizza experience in your own home, using tasty ingredients and only a few simple utensils. He gives the reader a detailed look at the most important tools and skills a pizza chef needs, as well as how to handle the basic pizza elements: the dough, the tomato sauce and the toppings. Jukka introduces the reader to traditional pizza styles from Naples to New York, and offers recipes for 6 different pizza doughs as well as 27 delicious pizzas – not to forget the perfect sauces and drinks! 

Jukka “Slicemonger” Salminen is a photographer, musician and pizza enthusiast from Tampere, Finland, who has worked with pizza for several years. The social aspect of pizza-making is also important for Jukka – he thinks cooking and eating together is simply the best thing there is.