Cohana Himeji Leather Pouch


We are so please to have these absolutely lovely Japanese pouches from Cohana in stock. They are stylish, useful, beautifully designed, and make a perfect gift.

From Cohana:

Himeji white leather is also called Shironameshi that is good for people and the environment, tanned only with the use of ingredients provided by nature,
and no chemicals. Leather tanned this way is given a beautiful white finish with a fine texture. The white leather can then be dyed with beautiful colors,
and this is what sets Shironameshi leather apart. Yoshikawa Leather, which was established in Tatsuno, Hyogo Prefecture in 1955 and specializes in white leather, is a tannery* that began by making white leather for volleyballs. With a belief in making leather without regrets, Yoshikawa Leather produces beautiful leather, which is then dyed in striking Cohana colors.

These leather pouches will ease their way into your heart, with a charm that grows the more you use them. Reminiscent of plump flower buds, their shape spreads out like a flower in bloom when you loosen the string, allowing you to use these pouches as accessory cases. Their size makes them perfect for holding little necessaries, sewing tools and accessories, and convenient for carrying.

Diameter: 3.3", Height 1.9"

*A tannery is a workshop where craftspeople process animal hides (skins) into leather,which can then be used as a material