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JUL Tiny Twig Lace Stick



The Tiny Twig Lace Stick is delicate and light, hand cast and polished by skilled artisans.

The first stick in the Twig genre was the Twig Shawl Stick.  The Tiny Twig came along more than a year later.  Like the Twig Shawl Stick, I looked for this twig over many walks along the Patapsco up river from my house.  The Twig Shawl Stick I found along the Patuxent.  The Tiny Twig I found along the Patapsco, another of the Chesapeake Bay's tributary rivers and one that flows right in front of my house in Oella, another textile mill town.  Indeed, my modest home was originally built for mill workers employed in the mill up the road, which has recently been turned into luxury apartments.  On my weekend walks along the Patapsco with the dog I looked for the perfect little 'y'-shaped branch that was just asymmetrical enough to make it interesting -- balanced but not too balanced.  I looked in winter when it is easiest to see the shapes of branches.  I love the moody muted tones of wintry landscapes and finally found this twig in Alberton, an abandoned and disappeared mill town accessible by an old road over which the trees gracefully arch and next to which flows the river, slow as molasses and the color of whiskey.

Made Fair Trade in Indonesia

White bronze

5.25" long