Floops Stitch Markers


These brilliant little stitch markers look like doll sized hair ties. They are soft on your fingers, move easily but stay in their place as they hug your needles. They can be used as stitch markers, stitch holders, cable needles, and help rescue all those dropped. stitches. I know we never drop stitches, but just in case, these Floops save them and help make sure no stitch gets left behind!

Floops slide effortlessly from needle-to-needle!

Their stitch-like shape means they are as easy to slip as a knit stitch.

  • Made in Vermont.

  • Soft and Flexible.

  • 20 Markers per Set

  • Sizes:

    Use any size Floops marker with any size needle you prefer. "Skinny" refers to the thickness of the band. The idea is for both needles to fit comfortably into the marker for easy sliding - but here are some recommendations:

    Needle size (US) - Floops size
    US 000 thru 2 - skinny mini
    US 2-4 - skinny small
    US 5 thru 9 - skinny medium