Toft Edward's Menagerie Crochet Kit - Richard the Pig


One of the first animals to be crocheted by Kerry Lord and appearing in the very first copies of the Edward's Menagerie book, Richard the Pig was reimagined in TOFT's pastel shade of 'Peony' in 2023, and now sits alongside his other friends in the menagerie. Also known as the Yorkshire Pig, this particular breed of pig was developed in the county during the 19th century and can be identified by its pointed ears and friendly nature. Its crochet counterpart has been designed for complete beginners, so is a great place to start for anyone new to the craft, as well as any Edward's Menagerie fans looking to complete their crochet collection.

75g of TOFT's luxury DK pure wool in Peony
A length of black thread for the eyes
A soft grip 3mm TOFT crochet hook
Wool needle
Premium polyester toy stuffing
pattern postcard
Getting started crochet advice leaflet with links to 'how to' YouTube videos

MEASUREMENTS: When finished your Pig will be approximately 10.2" tall from feet to top of head.

SKILL LEVEL 1: This crochet animal kit is suitable for beginners.

IT WILL TAKE: approximately 1-5 hours of crochet time.